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Testing Capability:

G.T. Microwave supports a complete testing program, which includes a substantial portion of Environmental Screening that is performed on-site. Electrical RF performance testing is performed with both Wiltron and Hewlett Packard Vector Network Analyzers. Additional environmental testing services are performed locally at Tektronix, who offers more than 40 years of electronic component testing experience.

Technical Approach:

Microwave devices are an integration of discrete components to create an integral assembly. Our goal is to provide a component, which shall meet the requirements in a reliable and cost effective way. G.T. Microwave uses industry proven computer aided tools such as EEsof's Touchstone, Hewlett Packard's AppCad, Autodesk's AutoCad and Grant's Computer Aided Manufacturing in order to achieve this objective, and provide a cumulative engineering expertise.

Published Articles:

"A Broadband I & Q Vector Modulator", published by the Microwave Journal in the December, 1996 issue, and can be found here.

"Phase Invariant Attenuators", published by the Microwave Journal in the November, 2001 issue, and can be found here.

"An Ultra-Broadband 2 to 18 GHz Digital Attenuator with High Resolution and 105 dB Dynamic Range", published by the Microwave Journal in the February, 2006 issue, and can be found here.

Design Specifics:

G.T. Microwave manufactures its devices with an integrity that shall be capable of withstanding the requirements of MIL-E-16400, Range 1(Shipboard) and MIL-E-5400, Class 2 (Airborne) environments and can operate within the -55 to +85° C temperature range. Custom devices shall be designed with an integrity capable of withstanding the requirements set forth.

Quality Control:

G.T. Microwave maintains a Manufacturing Quality System certified to the standards of ISO 9001:2008. In a continuous progression towards quality improvement, G.T. Microwave employs IPC-A-610E Certified Training Specialists.

Chassis Construction:

Housings are machined from solid plates of aluminum alloy #6061-T6 and are silver plated per QQ-S-365. This minimizes the overall weight while providing additional contact resistance, corrosion resistance and a greater solder ability for manufacturing

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB):

The microwave PCB is fabricated from a Teflon based substrate material that provides optimal RF performance and temperature stability. This PCB is soldered down flat to the floor of the housing. The controller PCB is fabricated from a rigid epoxy glass material that provides reliable temperature stability. This PCB is fastened to steps that are machined in the housing. All PCB's are solder-coated .0003 thick minimum for maximum corrosion resistance.

Sealing, Marking and Finishing:

To minimize any RF/EMI radiation, all plate seams, connector flanges and screw heads are sealed using a silver epoxy. The devices are legibly marked. And, to provide an environmental-resilient seal, external surfaces are finished using a suitable primer, Gray enamel paint, and followed by a continuous conformal coating.


This General Company Profile has provided the reader with a company that stands mature in the design and manufacturing of microwave devices. We at G.T. Microwave, Inc. are ready to provide our full services and join the ranks of your proud suppliers.