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 Pin Diode Switches - SP16T

Single Pole 16 Throw Absorptive PIN Diode Switch Pin Diode Switches –SP16T
G.T.Microwave’s Single Pole 16 throw absorptive PIN Diode Switch, covers a frequency range of 2.0 - 18GHz and has a switching speed of 2.0 uSec Max. The SP16T switch has an insertion loss of 7.0dB Max and an isolation of 60 dB Min. The switch operates over the temperature range of -40° C to +70° C and the SP16T switch is controlled by a 5 - bit TTL binary logic. Operation RF power of the SP16T switch is +20dBm Min. Approximate Size of SP16T switch is 3.50x3.50x.88 inch.
Electrical Specification Sheet of SP16T Switch
Frequency Range 2.0 - 18.0 GHz
Isolation 60 dB Min
Insertion Loss 7.0 dB Max
Amplitude Mode +/- 0.5dB, Port to Port
Phase Match +/- 5.0 Degrees, Port to Port
VSWR 2.0:1 Max, On or Off
Operational RF Power +20 dBm Min
Survival RF Power 1 Watt CW
RF Connectors SMA - Female
DC Power Supply +/-5 V @ +850/-200mA
Operating Temperature 0 to +70° C
Approximate Size 3.50x3.50x.88 Inch
Switching Speed 2.0 uSec Max
Control Logic 5 Bits, Binary, TTL Compatible, two unit Load (0.8mA)